The creation of my paintings is a long and unpredictable process. 
 Sometimes the ideas come after years of developing and experimenting, sometimes it takes only a few days. Once the idea is clear in my mind and   I can see it, I put it on a small format/size – digital or oil, doing different variations and working on the details. When I am satisfied with the results I start painting on the appropriate size on canvas or board.
  What I am looking for in my paintings is to transform different emotions and feelings into visual abstract tones and sizes, I analyze them deeply and try to create a new visual experience – rich in color and tone, structurally strong, and challenging as a composition and texture.
  My main inspiration is the beauty of everyday life, but I am also very interested in the world beyond us. There are still so many questions about the universe and I try to get some answers and unfold the positive energy through every piece of my art.



 Alexander was born in Bulgaria where he also studied and received his Masters’s degree in Drawings and Paintings in the class of prof. Svetlin Rusev from the National Academy of Fine Arts-Sofia.
 The most intensive time of Alexander’s artistic development was in London, England between 1991-1996. He continued his education in digital art and had many art shows at The Heifer Gallery, Gagliardi Design and Contemporary Art, The Hop Exchange Gallery, Centre Gallery-Covent Garden, The Mall Galleries.
 Moved to Canada, Toronto in 1996, Alex continue to work and develop his artistic vision and had a number of solo and group shows. Alexander’s paintings are in the Bulgarian National Art Museum, private collections in Germany, Italy, England, Japan, Canada, and the USA.



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